Alveo Land recently concluded it’s 2017 Mid-Year Sales Awards last August 3 celebrating not only the company’s milestone 15th year but also a record-breaking first half that saw the company render P26B worth of sales during the first part of the year. With so many reasons to celebrate thus far into 2017, Alveo Land’s various sales divisions ramped up their usual mid-year festivities by deciding to share their blessings for a very charitable cause. Tying up with HERO Foundation, Inc. (HERO) to benefit the families of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Marawi City, Alveo’s sales divisions embarked on a week-long pledge drive prior to their mid-year awards ceremony asking for donations and support from its 1,200 strong sales force.

Always ready to heed the call for a good cause, the Alveo sales teams welcomed the initiative and drew a truly commendable amount of pledges from their own pockets in a span of just a few days. It was then revealed during a momentous segment of Alveo’s mid-year awards ceremony that the sellers of TEAM ALVEO were able to collectively generate a grand total of P1.35M worth of pledges, outdoing the initial targets they set out to reach by a vast margin.

Last Wednesday, August 9, Alveo’s sales leaders along with representatives from the HERO Foundation, including its executive director MGEN Victor V. Bayani AFP (RET) and HERO scholar Danica Talania, gathered at the ALVEO Corporate Center in BGC for a formal handover ceremony. The ceremony was short but memorable, highlighting the importance of everyone in TEAM ALVEO doing their part to reach a collective and honorable goal. The representatives from HERO Foundation expressed their sincerest gratitude for Alveo’s donation and commended the Alveo’s sales team for their steadfast, heartfelt, and generous support.


From left to right: Mr. Allen Miranda, Regional Sales Director of Invictus Division; Mr. Norman Lim, Regional Sales Director of APEX Division; Mr. Marcel Gomeri, Regional Sales Director of Alpha SEALS Division; Mr. Ken Bañas, Regional Sales Director of Champions Division; Mr. Noel Cordero, Regional Sales Director of Top Gear Division; Ms. Carol Magpantay, Regional Sales Head of One South Business Enterprise Team; Mr. Paulo Ong, Brokers Network and Alternative Sales Channel Head; Mr. Aries Cajucom, Deputy Head of Sales; Mr. Gutz Gutierrez, Head of Sales, Marketing and Project Development; Ms. Cathy Chua, Regional Sales Director of Gold Dragons Division, MGEN Victor Bayani AFP (Ret), Executive Director of HERO Foundation; Ms. Danica Talania, HERO Scholar; Ms. Mauwi Villar, External Marketing Officer of HERO Foundation; Ms. Chez Florentino, Internal Marketing Officer of HERO Foundation; Mr. Darwin Carpio, Regional Sales Director of Dominators Division; Mr. Jim Clerigo, Regional Sales Director of Royals Division


Source: Alveo Land HR Department

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