ON JUNE 23, 2017, the Help Educate and Rear Orphans (HERO) Foundation, Inc.team, comprised of MGen. Victor Bayani, Executive Director, Ms. Mauwi Villar – External Marketing Officer and Ms. Janice Tuballes left Manila on the first flight to Davao thanks to the partnership of HERO with Philippine Airlines First on the teams’ agenda was the General Membership Meeting with the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).  Through the assistance of Capt. Ronald C. Go, President of DCCCI, HERO Foundation was given an opportunity to introduce the mission of HERO to the DCCCI members present. Ms. Mauwi Villar gave a brief overview of when the foundation was founded and discussed the mission of HERO which is to provide educational assistance to the children of brave Filipino soldiers who were killed or totally incapacitated in the line of duty. HERO Scholar Angelieh Marciano shared her story. Angelieh was only a month old when her father, Sgt. Angelo I. Marciano was killed in combat on July 10, 2000, in Davao Oriental. Despite the significant loss, Angelieh suffered at an early age, she remains bubbly and charming as ever, hopeful of what the future holds for her. At the end of her speech, Angelieh thanked all of the supporters of HERO for enabling the foundation to support their dreams not only through the educational assistance provided but also for the enrichment activities provided for HERO scholars.

Next on the HERO teams’ agenda is a meeting with Abreeza Mall’s General Manager, Mr. Luigi C. Escano. The HERO team initiated a possible collaboration for a fundraising event which Mr. Escano was in full support of. Without the details of the fundraising event finalized yet, the discussion was deferred to be discussed further once the details of the event have been finalized.

Last on the agenda for the day but definitely not the least was a discussion with Seda Abreeza. Seda Abreeza has partnered with HERO in the past in hosting fundraising activities but the discussion was focused on what more SEDA can do for the HERO scholars aside from fundraising. Ms. Cherry Crisostomo, Human Resource Manager for Seda Abreeza, gladly welcomed our suggestions for an On-the-Job Training (OJT) and a career day wherein HERO scholars would get to discover what the different functions and responsibilities are in a hotel such as Seda. Hopefully, this would give them a better idea of what career opportunities are available for courses such as Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Human Resources, Business and Finance, Information Technology, Culinary, and others.  After the last item on the agenda had been crossed off the teams’ list, the HERO team was finally able to relax after preparing for the flurry of activities for the next day.   June  24, 2017,  the  HERO scholars from  Region  XI, Davao, gathered in Camp Panacan for the regional general assembly and inspection.  Prior to the beginning of the program, scholars and their guardians were asked to register.  The HERO  scholars were given their HERO shirts, school supplies kit, and a  Hero  Kit for  Scholars and Mothers/Guardian. The program started with the invocation led by Angelieh followed by a briefing session conducted by MGen.  Bayani. Ms. Janice Tuballes ran a two-hour career guidance program entitled “Career Mapping: Who Am I?” The program is aimed at matching personality traits,  skills,  choices,  lifestyle,  and jobs in demand with their desired careers or dream jobs. Moreover, the career guidance programs intend to help HFI scholars: (1) gain self-knowledge and increase self-awareness on what jobs match their personality traits and work,  (2)  be updated on what jobs are trending,  career projections, work requirements, salary expectations, job demands. An “Etiquette Talk” was held by Ms. Pauli Antoine of Etiquette de  Manila. The  program included teaching and  training the  scholars and  their mothers/guardians on  a  program combination  of personality  development,  image enhancement, confidence building, table etiquette, and proper posture.  The day was concluded in high spirits because of the opportunity for HERO scholars not only to get to know one another but to gain valuable and practical skills. The General Assembly and Inspection would not be complete without a group photo, featuring the bright smiles of our highly energized HERO scholars and team.

SOURCE: Mindanao Times by Ms. Marilyn Roque http://mindanaotimes.net/scene-city-hero-strengthens-ties-in-davao/


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