Scope & Eligibility

  • This educational assistance shall be extended to one son or daughter of a soldier who was killed or permanently incapacitated in action while in the performance of his duty.
  • Scholarship/educational support shall be limited to elementary, high schools, vocational courses and four-to five year collegiate courses in non-exclusive educational institutions.
  • An application for the scholarship grant may be filed following the death or declaration of permanent incapacity of the military personnel parent.
  • A grantee is entitled to a scholarship grant leading to one collegiate degree only.
  • The privilege shall be limited to the granting of a stipend which shall be used in paying school expenses.
  • A grantee shall continue to enjoy the benefits as long as he/shesatisfactorily passes the course of instruction based on the approved standards of the school. In case of failure in any subject or any school year, the benefits shall be suspended and shall resume only after the grantee passes the subjects he or she previously failed, or has repeatedthe entire school year satisfactorily.
  • A graduating scholar from high school must attain an academicaverage grade of 80% or above to qualify for college assistance.Otherwise, vocational education of not more two years is offered.
  • This scholarship grant is not transferable.
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