Application Procedure

1. Applications of children of military personnel who were assigned with the major services such as the Army, Air Force, Navy at time of the military personnel’s death shall be filed with the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel of the major services, while those assigned with the area commands or at GHQ shall be filed with AFP-EBSO (Educational Benefits Systems Office) at Logcom Compound, Camp Aguinaldo,Quezon City.

Application may be filed by the following:
  • The incapacitated military personnel, his wife or designated representative;
  • The legitimate children of the the soldier KIA or permanently incapacitated military personnel;
  • The legal guardian on behalf of a legitimate child.
The following are the supporting documents to be submitted:
  • Fully accomplished application form to be secured from the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel of the major services or at AFP-EBSO, GHQ, AFP.
  • Original or authenticated copies of the following:
    • Birth certificate of the applicant
    • Marriage certificate of the soldier KIA order of military personnel.
    • A copy of the After-Operation Report stating that the soldier was KIA or permanently incapacitated while in the line of duty.
    • Report Cards in elementary, high school or college.
    • Certificate of Enrollment / Registration or Enrollment Receipt.
    • One (1) 1 x 1 ID picture of the applicant.

2. AFP-EBSO consolidates the application and submits them to HERO Foundation by end of March of each year.

3. HERO Foundation determines who among the commended applicants by AFP-EBSO are qualified for scholarship grant.

4. HERO Foundation’s Executive Director makes the recommendation to the Board of Trustees that meets in October yearly. Then, HERO Board approves the grant of scholarship or financial support.

5. Upon approval of the grant, a Certificate of Award is signed by the President of HERO and is sent to the grantee who, by then, is considered as a new HERO Foundation, Inc. scholar.

A graduating scholar from high school must attain an academicaverage grade of 80% or above to qualify for college assistance.Otherwise, vocational education of not more two years is offered.

This scholarship grant is not transferable.

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